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What does the JaniumNet solution include?


Use of the systems offered by Janium via the Internet

The solution includes the complete use of our systems without service hour restrictions. The institution only needs one internet connection. The bandwidth of the JaniumNet service can provide services from one to hundreds of users.

Managing the system

Janium takes charge of administrating communications between infrastructure and servers and its help desk manages the application. This substantially reduces the costs of the tasks.

Information support in data vault

JaniumNet automatically backs up information on a daily basis and saves it in an exclusive server, minimizing the risk of having the solution accommodated in one single server.

Complete solution without extra inversions

JaniumNet offers a world class infrastructure with highly qualified technical personnel and a software solution of the highest quality. It is a robust and reliable solution, which means avoiding unsustainable economic charges for the institutions


What is JaniumNet?

JaniumNet is the cloud based solution for Janium products. It allows them to be used via the internet, manages them and accesses the associated services that the application offers, such as a Saas-type solution.

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Associated Services

  • Maintenance
  • Daily technical operation
  • Technical support and system help
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JaniumNet has many advantages: high availability servers, a pay per use system, administration services and much more…

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Sites with a high level of availability that meet strict international norms on security and contingency.

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How do you use it?

The installation of a working environment in JaniumNet can be done in a single day.

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