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The systems created by Janium can operate in different environments and vertical sectors. All the products use cutting edge technology in web solutions, with managers of relational databases, distributed systems and access on mobile devices or desktop computers.


Advanced management systems to meet libraries’ and information centers’ current needs. Janium products allow a fusion between the traditional paper based library and the digital library, meeting both the internal needs of management and the administration of all areas, such as customer services.

The products for Janium libraries can be used by small libraries or large networks of libraries with hundreds of users simultaneously connected.

Solutions for academic, public, school, corporate and specialized libraries.


The powerful tool that can manage any type of material, be it physical or digital, in a friendly and efficient way.


Designed for libraries that have very little staff and that do not require sophisticated features to organize their collections.


Digital Repository that allows clients to store and organize files and digital objects.


Cloud library management software


Management of both physical and digital archive systems. They can define different schemes of organization depending on the nature of the file, this flexibility enables patrons to handle environments which use standards, such as ISAD-G, or environments where liberal methodologies have been used for classification and organization.
Systems can be installed on a single site or  on multiple sites in institutions that maintain more than one, including in separate geographical locations.


Digital Repository that allows you to store and to organize files and digital objects.

Document management

Systems to store, organize, and retrieve documentation that is generated from the “business processes” of organizations. Takes into account the users’ access profiles against those of the documents to protect the confidentiality of each document to the person indicated.

The search engine of the applications indexes both the document’s metadata and its full text,  providing a means of access to records by any of the records’/documents’ properties. In addition, it has a hierarchical representation of information to help users “navigate” between the different levels or types of documents.
The intake of information can be manual or automated, allowing systems used in the business process to feed directly to the manager where the information that should be stored.


JaniumDOC provides the tools an organization needs to systematically: scan, import, sort, index and store all types of documentation, from any source, in a centralized server.