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Designed to meet a library's basic needs

Cutting edge technology

Economically affordable

Web-based application


It is designed to meet a library’s basic needs. Librarian is powerful solution, easy to use and maintain, conforming to international standards and is economically affordable. It is optimal for libraries that have very little staff and do not require sophisticated features to organize their collections but who want to offer users an excellent service based on cutting edge technology.


Digital objects

Linked records can be kept as digital objects in different formats (JPG, JPG2, PDF, TXT, MPEG, WAV, etc.).


Comprised of an open architecture with multiple layers, completely on the internet.


It works on different computing platforms which include: Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, so that the institution can choose the most suitable operating system. In addition, it works with relational databases (RDBMS) from different providers, such as: PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server.

Multiple formats

Supports different formats for the simultaneous capture of metadata.


Maintain the a secure database without risks of changes made by unauthorized persons. Confidential documents can be controlled with different levels of security.


Integrates easily with other applications through internet services.


It allows the parameters to be configured by the institution to meet its specific needs.



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