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JaniumDoc technical specifications

Web Application

The system can be installed on a single server or it can be installed in environments with the load and redundancy balancing components of the application servers. It is possible to use a virtualized server environment to support the application. The system works in virtualized environments such as VMware. The system is a Web application accessible through a browser, it works with modern browsers like: Internet Explorer version 8 (or superior), Firefox, Safari y Chrome.

It is possible to add graphic elements at the top of the pages and change element colors, or use the same embedded system in an iframe to integrate the application into the corporate environment of the institution.

Access to the system from third-party applications

JaniumDOC has web services that allow external systems to consult all the information managed by the tool for its integration in third-party applications. It is possible to carry out searches and enquiries on the information contained in the metadata and the documents from the organization’s personal portal platforms. You can also receive the results in XML, so that the end user can be prepared from those platforms. The connection to JanuimDOC via web services is fast and efficient.

The capacity of the web services allows applications from third-parties, that are connected, to perform very highly. The JaniumDOC system can automatically receive new record collections from other applications. These records are incorporated into the database. It is possible to define processing instructions so that when records are loaded, they can be identified as new and therefore be easily revised. It has an interactive mechanism based on web services. The web services used are REST type. Through these services, the interaction between JaniumDOC platform and external systems is possible.

Autenticación y “Single Sign-On”

User validation can be done through the JaniumDOC local mechanism or by the intergration of LDAP servers and/or servers based on the Microsoft solution “Active Directory.” .

What is JaniumDOC?

JaniumDOC is a product designed for organizations that recognize that the information they generate and use is an asset and constitutes the knowledge accumulated throughout the years, it is the intellectual capital of the organization.


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General functions

  • Record
  • User management
  • Surfing and searching
  • Digital Objects Management
  • Full text index
  • Progressive Zoom Viewer
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  • A system designed entirely as a web-based application
  • Its components are recognized as leading-edge technologies and considered to be standards.
  • Uses a multi-layer computational model
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