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Additional Features for Kogtec


JaniumDesktop is a Windows (XP and higher) application that enables the management of offline circulation transactions. Once the application is able to connect to internet the transactions are updated in the system.

It is ideal for situations like:

  • When circulation services take place in locations prone to connection failure and where it is necessary to maintain the service when this happens.
  • When circulation services take place in locations where it is imposible to get an internet connection.
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Business intelligence con Janium

Gathering large amounts of data (Big Data) on the use and management of Janium systems, makes it possible for our clients to: detect patterns, identify trends, better understand their user’s behavior and find relationships that would otherwise would be unnoticeable. This tool provides graphs and charts that makes it easy to view and analyze data according to the organization’s needs.

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Syndetics Plus integration with Kogtec’s OPAC

Syndetics Plus is a source of specialized, high-quality enriched book, ebook and media content, and allows subscribers to integrate Syndetics content with their OPAC catalogue. This not only facilitates the greatest possible access to existing information, but also enhances that information with additional content, such as: cover Images, author notes, summaries, book reviews and more.

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SMS Messaging

On demand SMS messaging service. We take care of setting up and maintaining an operational messaging service to deliver notifications to final users of the library. The service can be configured to send SMS messages or emails instead.

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Integrate Kogtec  with EBSCO Discovery services. EBSCO EDS platform can integrate different databases’ resources with information stored in the library’s public catalog (OPAC).

Digital Objects

The Digital Object function is able to link electronic files (text, video, image, sound, etc.) to provide more information than what is written in the bibliographic records and specimen. These electronic files will be available to users in the electronic reference library public catalogue (OPAC).

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on the personal connection we have with our clients, and in order to help and support them we offer our technical support service. We have a new approach to customer service where we provide real-time support and communication with clients consistently across different channels, such as email, web, social networks, phone, etc. This enables us to listen, respond, and delight users in ways not possible before.