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Our products in the cloud

Software offer as a service (Saas)


Managed by our technical staff

Advanced TIC infrastructure


JaniumNet is the solution in the cloud for Janium products. It allows you to use them via internet, manage them and access associated services that the application offers, as a Saas-type solution. The software developed by Janium resides in servers managed by technical personnel organised by Janium. Clients connect up via internet through JaniumNet, in order to access its services. The systems developed by Janium were designed as web applications. Their performance under the Saas concept has been notable as it concerns the natural working environment for which they were developed, which is to work with servers connected to a network as well as connections through internet browsers.

This model represents mainly two advantages for the institutions:

  • It simplifies the operation of a solution that requires an advanced TIC infrastructure, highly available and reliable.
  • It allows the organization to concentrate on its areas of competence, while the team and systems operation are taken care of externally.

Products associated with JaniumNet

  • Janium
  • Librarian
  • Enki
  • JaniumDOC
  • JaniumOne
  • JaniumLink

Associated Services

  • Maintenance
  • Daily technical operation
  • Technical support and system help
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What does the solution include?

Use of the systems offered by Janium via Internet without service hour restrictions, infrastructure management and much more…
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JaniumNet has many advantages: high availability servers, pay per use system administration services and much more…
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High level availability sites that meet strict security and contingency international norms.
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How do you use it?

The preparation of a working environment in JaniumNet can be done in one day.
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