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Associated Services




JaniumNet includes in its services the updating of systems in operation, always to their most recent versions, and the increase in capacity of servers and net infrastructure, whenever necessary.

Daily technical operation

A group of administrators are in charge of dealing with the daily operation of the solution. This way the institution does not need to provide technical resources for this purpose.

Technical support and system help

For clients that count on support and maintenance contracts, JaniumNet’s clients have access to the help desk to obtain information about procedures and better practices.

What is JaniumNet?

JaniumNet is the cloud based solution for Janium products. It allows for their use via the internet, their management and access to the associated services that the application offers, such as the Saas-type solution.

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What does the solution include?

Use of the systems offered by Janium via the internet without service hour restrictions, with infrastructure management and much more…

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JaniumNet has many advantages: high availability servers, a pay per use system, administration services and much more…

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Sites with a high level of availability that meet strict international norms on security and contingency.

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How is it used?

The installation of a JaniumNet working environment can be done in a single day.

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