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Sites with a High Level of Availability

JaniumNet is located in a set of sites with a high level of availability that meet strict international norms on security and contingency.

Bandwidth for a great volume of traffic

The available bandwidth is not limited; therefore it can attend to great volumes of transactions and downloads of digital objects.

Redundant Servers

JaniumNet is distributed in a series of specialized servers that count on back up. In the case of a failure, the redundant servers take charge of the operation.


The database servers use a replication technique to save a database copy in another server, which could come into operation in case the primary server presented a failure.


Application Servers

Application servers maintain copies of the system that can be used at any given moment. If an application server fails, another takes its place and continues to provide the service.

On demand load balancers

In case a server is faced with greater traffic than it is able to cope with, the system uses a load balancer to distribute the work with other servers and always offers a quick service.


The system allows the JaniumNet servers to be monitored, which in turn allows the administrator to resolve any problem that may arise from a generalized error.

Safe Storage

All the information is saved in delicate servers dedicated to storage so that failure on the applications server will not be reflected on the storage server. This allows you to have access to digital objects and back up files with an independent web server and avoids the overloading of the applications server. The information is backed up daily and has redundant servers to avoid losses caused by hardware failures. For each JaniumNet user licence, 6GB of storage space is included and, in case of the institution requires more space, additional space can be contracted.

Access to the data deposit is achieved through safe connection figures (sftp) and each institution has exclusive access to its information so that no other client can see or modify its data.

Daily back up of database

Every day the database information is backed up and stored in a space dedicated to the institution.

Digital object storage

Digital objects are stored in an area that has redundancy and is able to associate reading and writing licenses to each object. The information safety policy can also be extended to all the digital objects saved on the JaniumNet servers.

Private access channels (VPN)

For institutions that have private networks JaniumNet can be configured as one more resource within an internal network system. With JaniumNet  a local IP from a private network can be designated to the server via a safe access through a virtual private network (VPN).

What is JaniumNet?

JaniumNet is the cloud based solution for Janium products. It allows you to use them via the internet, manage them and access associated services that the application offers, such as a Saas-type solution.

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Associated Services

  • Maintenance
  • Daily technical operation
  • Technical support and system help
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What does the solution include?

Use of the systems offered by Janium via the Internet do not have service hour restrictions, and include infrastructure management and much more…

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JaniumNet has many advantages: servers with high availability, a pay per use system, administration services and much more…

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How do you use it?

The installation of a JaniumNet working environment can be done in one day.



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