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How do you use JaniumNet?



The installation of a JaniumNet working environment in can be done in a single day. All that is needed to start the service is:

  1. Determine the number of concurrent licences the institution requires.
  2. Register a subdomain name.
  3. If the institution has more than one site, you can request names for each one and have a personalized URL for each catalogue.
  4. Adjust and load the information of your institution on the application database.
  5. Open the catalogue to the public and start offering a superior service to the users.

Other characteristics

Migration of databases to the system

It is possible to use the system with any database format, for example:


  • MARC21,
  • ISAD-G,
  • MODS,
  • Metadata formats designed by the institution.

Depending on the needs of the client and as long as the appropriate scheme of import is used any type of information can be saved in JaniumNet.

Automation as a service

Investments are not required in network infrastructure, telecommunications, application or database software. As an on-demand solution, Janium offers everything necessary to automate an institution. The number of contracted licences can increase or decrease at convenience.

Formation for the system users

Janium offers formation courses for users. The system has online resources that can be used by the institution personnel. In addition, Janium offers online refresher courses to train the personnel that require it.

Operation requirements for the EU

JaniumNet is a solution that has been approved to meet the regulations imposed by the European Union. Therefore, institutions from member states can be sure that in hiring JaniumNet, they are meeting all the requirements that the regulations impose.

Technical support

The technical support offered by the help desk includes the following characteristics:

  • Available from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00 hours.
  • Support online or by telephone.
  • On-site and in-person Support plans.
  • Extended Support Plans.

What is JaniumNet?

JaniumNet is the cloud based solution for Janium products. It allows you to use them via the internet, manage them and access associated services that the application offers, such as a Saas-type solution.

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Associated Services

  • Maintenance
  • Daily technical operation
  • Technical support and system help
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What does the solution include?

Use of the systems offered by Janium via the Internet do not service hour restrictions, and include infrastructure management and much more…

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Sites with a high level of availability that meet strict international norms on security and contingency.

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JaniumNet has many advantages: servers with high availability, a pay per use system, administration services and much more…

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