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Janium’s new responsive web design


We have been faithful, once again, to our commitment to maintain ourselves on the technological cutting edge of design and implementation of new solutions that provide people and institutions with access to information, beyond the resources of which they may dispose. We show the advances from changes that Janium has developed in the responsive web design area.

What is responsive web design?

It is a web applications design and development technique that can be used in any type of device. In it the applications “adapt” to the resources of each device. The adoption of this technique by Janium supports the One Web Only strategy, whose guidelines are oriented towards creating an internet accessible by everyone. An internet which is accessible from any type of terminal, making the same contents available and services to all users, regardless of device you used (desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone).

What advantages does it offer?

  • Independent personalisation from the programs code.
  • Multi-device support (desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone).
  • Centralized development of one system for all platforms.
  • Improvement in performance compared to the current system.
  • Interoperability through the web service
  • Framework integrated external applications.


Adoption policy in Janium.

  • The inherited system will continue to work in its current state. Although it will not be discontinued, new functions will not be added to it.
  • The organization selects the substitution deadline.
  • Users that prefer to continue using the present system will be able to do so.