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JaniumDoc for SAP Business One general functions




  • Enables metadata to be defined for the recording of information and in order to adjust it to the properties of SAP Business One data.
  • Manage multilevel descriptions.
  • The record is done through an automatic import of information of each type of document in SAP Business One.
  • In addition to metadata, full text content found in documents is automatically indexed.


User management with configurable authorization

JaniumDoc for SAP Business One has a system that issues access permits for user groups for entities, funds, records and fields, all within one record. Moreover, users may acquire defined functions within the system.

SAP Business One users with sufficient privileges can open the document links directly on the main screen.

Create users, outside of SAP Business One, that can access documents via WEB.



Surfing and searching

  • Simple yet advanced search engines.
  • Browse through different types of documentary collections and their respective levels of description.
  • A labelled system which allows users to create groups of records through the assignment of labels. The labels can be accessed privately or, for users with sufficient privileges, assigned public access labels that facilitate access to the stated records.



Digital Object Management

Digital objects can be stored directly in JaniumDoc for SAP Business One. JaniumDoc for SAP Business One moves documents from the SAP Business One server to JaniumDoc`s repository. This action frees disk space from where the ERP server resides. When a document is stored in the repository, the access link is updated in SAP Business One.

The architecture for internal storage is based on the CORS model. It prevents objects from being read from outside the system. The repository server is where each protected document is stored from external access and it reinforces the safety levels established for each type of user.


Statistics, reports and lists

  • A statistics generating system integrated into all modules, which allows data related to transactions of use and access, creation and modification of records, enquiries log, etc. to be created and recovered.
  • Information can be filtered in order to obtain information from only one entity if necessary.
  • A tool for generating reports, that can be modified directly by the operators who have enough privileges, in to obtain the necessary information. The exit formats include the export of files or text files, delivery via email and export in CSV format.
  • In addition to the reports generator, it is possible to “inject” SQL code into the reports system to obtain more sophisticated reports.
  • Reports can be programmed to be sent automatically to exit files or email addresses.

Full text index

This index enables a search for terms within the electronic documents linked to the bibliographic record or specimen that we call a digital object; provided it is an archive or file in a text format. They can be electronic documents PDF (text), DOC, TXT, RTF, HTML, PPT, ZIP etc. and are linked to the metadata.

JaniumDoc for SAP Business One indexes the content of these electronic documents, increasing the chance of information retrieval since it does not depend on the information captured in Microsoft metadata or document content exclusively, but it also allows for both sites to be simultaneously searched.




It administers an interchangeable viewer service that manages the visualization of digital objects from the server, eliminating the complete downloading of an object for its visualization and improving response times for the user.

The interchangeable viewer structure facilitates the configuration of the application in order to cover the specific needs of the organization. Apart from the viewers that display PDF documents, images, office software documents etc,  advanced viewers for CAD documents, Microsoft Outlook, DICOM, etc. can be installed.

What is JaniumDoc for SAP Business One?


JaniumDoc for SAP Business One is a product designed to manage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) documents.It merges with a company’s activities to manage and preserve all information generated and used within it.



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  • A system designed entirely as a web-based application.
  • Its components are recognized as cutting edge technologies and are considered to be standard.
  • Uses a multi-layer computational model.


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